Patrick "No Love" Mix - Future World Champion & Friend

by Valerie R. Masai-Aspaas

(Photo credit Patchy Mix on Facebook)

On Saturday, February 23rd, Patchy “No Love” Mix walked into the cage at the Seneca Niagara Casino and put Turrell Galloway away in the first round.  He outgrappled him into the Salaverry (top crucifix position from side control)—a position I like to think of as an automatic TKO.  Turrell Galloway had no way of defending the onslaught of vicious elbows that followed, and the fight was called.  Pat walked out of the cage with his face, his championship, and his undefeated record completely unscathed.

In early 2014, I was an undefeated amateur fighter preparing to face Kaitlyn Chookagin for the amateur flyweight title at Extreme Caged Combat in Philadelphia.  That’s when Pat joined our team. Don Lilly, our manager, introduced him by speaking to his high school wrestling career and his outstanding work ethic.  He was just a 19-year-old kid and green to the sport of MMA, but even then it was easy to recognize his potential. Pat got a fight on the same Philadelphia card, and our fight camps intertwined.  He quickly became one of my favorite training partners: he was close to my size, he always showed up, and he never complained or gave up.

(Photo credit Patchy Mix on Facebook)

Buffalo to Philadelphia is a long drive, especially when you’re cutting weight. We kept our spirits up by nurturing that fire in our bellies that grows in all fighters the closer we get to entering the cage. We talked about our strategy on fight night, our go-to moves and techniques we had been drilling, and we laughed about flamboyant submissions we wished we could pull off.  We talked about the dreams and hopes we had as athletes in the sport.  We both wanted to fight for the UFC.  We both wanted to become world champions.

On March 1st, 2014, Pat made his debut in the cage, and I fought for the Flyweight Championship Belt.  Pat’s first win came just a few fights before my first loss.  For a debut, he looked very comfortable in the cage.  He looked like he belonged in there.  He looked as though that cage had been waiting for him his whole life. He played his game and controlled the pace, and won a decision after three hard-fought rounds. I was honored to witness the beginning of an epic career. 

(Photo credit Patchy Mix on Facebook)

I lost a controversial split decision after an epic battle.  The next day, I left Philadelphia semi-concussed with two black eyes and swollen cauliflower ears.  I got on a plane to Atlanta to do a BJJ fight camp in preparation for the IBJJF Pan American Championships that year, but that’s a different story.    

Today, Kaitlyn fights for the UFC. Don Lilly was a major component of championing the legalization of MMA in New York State, and now works for the New York State Athletic Commission. 

Since then, Pat has fought all over the country.  He completed a prolific amateur career by way of the Fighter’s Source tournament (the semi-finals of which we also shared a card—I fought Courtney King). He then made his professional debut in 2016. Pat always stayed hungry, and never took a break from the gym.  He’s always there for his teammates, as they are for them. Throughout his fight career, Pat has also been a coach for high school wrestlers.  Buffalo’s small fight community could not satiate his needs in a fight camp, so he came to balance his fight camps between Buffalo, New York, and Albuquerque, New Mexico, to train at the legendary Jackson-Wink MMA gym.

Pat stays humble, he stays hungry, and he’s always ready to fight. He’s been a hot topic of discussion in the fight community, for both his accomplishments and his outstanding potential. Last month, he got the call. Pat Mix took the next step in becoming World Champion and signed a contract with Bellator! 

Congratulations Pat! It is an honor to have Alpha Raptor Industries sponsor this awesome athlete.  

Patrick Mix

(Photo credit Patchy Mix on Facebook)


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