Grappling Getaways

Alpha Raptor Industries has a special relationship with Grappling Getaways! Valerie coaches and participates in the camps. Alpha Raptor does all of the design work for the camps. 

Coach Valerie Masai-Aspaas is also a coach for the Grappling Getaways camps! It's a great opportunity to train, relax, and make friends. In 2019, we hosted a BJJ training camp in May in Lake Placid, NY, exclusively for women and with an eye towards Mundials. In July, we hosted a kids-only co-ed BJJ summer camp. I designed three characters and a coloring book for this exclusive, fun and exciting kids camp! We made rashguards and t-shirts as well. 

This October, 2019, we will be hosting another Women's only BJJ camp in the Adirondacks! We are exploring our options for an international excursion in February, 2020 for a women's camp, we are preparing for a two-week Summer Camp for kids in the Adirondacks again, and we may even explore co-ed adult camp options. 

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